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100 Most Influential African Americans

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true story

How he turned $6 to into $60 million without venture capital, acquired a knowledge of self and became a digital media pioneer who kept on leading when everything and everyone turned against him.




He started with $6 and built a digital media empire that generated more than $60M of revenue over its life
cycle, without venture capital.

He lived in the public housing projects in Los Angeles until age 12. After the deaths of several relatives and close friends, he found new purpose and direction in life through reading “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” and attending the Million Man March.

Jamarlin graduated from Morehouse College and worked at McKinsey & Company, the most prestigious consulting firm in the world. After starting a blog about currency trading, he created the 14th fastest-growing media company in the United States.

Jamarlin developed a proprietary formula for leadership and success that he defined as Moguldom.

Jamarlin sold the digital brands he created to Urban One (NASDAQ: UONEK)

For the first time, Jamarlin tells his story about acquiring a knowledge of self, becoming a digital media pioneer and leading when everything and everyone turned against him.

How Jamarlin worked as an influential media tastemaker behind the scenes in 2006 and 2007 to evangelize Barack Obama into the first Black president of the United States

Jamarlin’s firsthand knowledge of who murdered Tupac and Biggie Smalls, and why

Jamarlin’s David-vs-Goliath battles in the industry versus Jay-Z and Russell Simmons

Jamarlin’s personal conversations in college with the late Dr. Khalid Muhammad, the former national spokesman of the Nation of Islam 

Jamarlin takes you on a journey from eating government peanut butter, hunting roaches as a kid for fun and losing close family and friends in Los Angeles, to MOGULDOM. Buckle up for this provocative true story about race in America, entrepreneurship and never giving up.


The New King of Digital Media


100 Most Influential African Americans


A Digital  Powerhouse



Mr. Martin is the founder and CEO of Nubai Ventures and The Moguldom Nation and the creator of the GHOGH with Jamarlin Martin podcast. A pioneer and thought leader in digital media, he grew Moguldom Media Group into a multiple-brand digital media and entertainment platform, selling three brands to Urban One NASDAQ: UONEK. Dubbed a “digital powerhouse” by Jet Magazine, Mr. Martin has been listed in the Ebony 100 list of most influential African Americans.

His insight and acumen have been hailed in the press including Inc. Magazine, OZY Media — which described him as an “Emperor of Digital Media” -- Digiday, and Fortune’s "David and Goliath" column. Highly respected in the digital media industry, Mr. Martin has received the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015, amongst many other noteworthy awards.

He is often cited as a subject-matter expert in paid discovery marketing, which he considers an essential element to grow multimillion-dollar digital brands in the shortest time possible. Mr. Martin’s media career began with blogging on financial markets, where he founded The Detached Trader. He attended Syracuse University College of Law and earned his Political Science degree from Morehouse College.

A recognized thought leader in audience engagement and marketing strategies, Jamarlin Martin’s Moguldom now has a 10-year track record of launching and scaling successful digital brands while quickly adapting to market disruption and technological change, often ahead of the curve, leveraging first-party audience analysis and content marketing prowess to drive traffic, transactions and engagement.